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All Access

System: LARP
Deltagere: 5-12 spillere


✏️Shaun Archer
✏️Terra Warman
ArrangørShaun Archer
ArrangørTerra Warman


The band “High Crimes” has been on tour for two months supporting their critically successful second album. After a sold out show in Providence, the band and their entourage are celebrating at the Crowne Plaza Providence-Warwick. At the crack of dawn, they’ll fly out to the European leg of their tour.

Why sleep when you can party?

Players will be part of the tour. Maybe you’re in the band. Maybe you’re a promoter, an agent, or a roadie. But no matter who you are, tonight is going to be epic. This is the era in High Crimes’ career of chaos, excess, and destruction – before sobriety, writing award winning film scores, and actually paying the IRS.

NPCs will be fans of the band. Maybe you’re trying to play it cool, but can’t believe you’re in the same room with these absolute icons. Maybe you just want to tell the drummer how much that one song they wrote meant to you. All you know is tonight’s show was one of the best concerts you’ve ever seen – and even though the guy at the door said “Don’t be a star fucker”, he probably didn’t mean it literally.

Walk-up NPCs will be accepted, as space permits. Talk to the door guy; maybe you can get a wristband…

The game itself is low system, high fun. Expect more structure than a costume party, but not much more: Characters will fit on an index card; NPCs will get directional prompts.

This event could actually happen at this hotel; it’s optimized for immersion. What you’ll see is what you’ll be seeing–and what you’ll do is what you’ll actually be doing. Don’t punch any cops, light any fires, kiss anyone who doesn’t want you to, or do anything else that might get anyone sued.
Content Warnings

This game is rated R for adult themes, adult activity, hard language, and other aberrational behavior.

What you’d expect from the game description is probably what you’re going to get. The aesthetic is: Sex, Drugs, and Rock & Roll. The aesthetic is NOT: Childhood Trauma, Body Horror, & Metaphors for Habitat Destruction.

Speaking of drugs, as much as we’d like to buy you a drink–we’re not allowed to provide alcohol. If you want a real drink, grab one from the bar and try to stay in character.

However, we will provide prop drugs and alcohol which look real from 1’ or less. If you sign up for this game, you might see someone drink a “dangerous” amount of “whiskey” or do “cocaine” off someone’s ******.
Participant Communications
Y’all love surveys. We’ll send you a survey, and let you know who you’ll be playing before the convention. Your character details will be on your All Access lanyard. Costumes aren’t required, but would be awesome \m/…(> . <)…\m/
Physical Restrictions

This game will be played through verbal spoken conversations, with multiple simultaneous conversations occurring in the same space–on top of music. This environment may be challenging for players with audio-related accessibility needs.

Please contact the GMs if you have any questions about the physical aspects of the game, or if you need specific accommodations (e.g., large-print hard copies of your sheets). We may not be able to meet all requests for accommodation, but we’ll try.

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Intercon U: Ultraviolet (2023)

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