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I Gotta Get a Message to You

System: LARP


✏️Kadri Umbleja


.. body of young woman has been found. Ron Harris has been arrested as a suspect…
… suspect denies being guilty in hideous crime…
… after months of prosecution and appeals the highest level of courts has impose a death penalty to the killer of Ann Smith. The prisoner will remain in highest security prison till the punishment will be carried out…
…Harris’ attorney filed another appeal. The death penalty has been postponed, again…
… Ann Smith’s family is tired waiting for the closure. Victim’s twin sister…
… Judge declined another appeal filed by Harris’ attorney. It looks like after years of waiting the justice will be finally served…

Ron Harris as an hour and a half to live. His attorneys are fighting desperately for him till the last minutes. His parents have come to the prison to say their goodbyes to their son. Also, Ann Smith’s family is there, including victim’s twin sister. Some of them want it all to end so that Ann can rest in peace. Others want justice that they feel has not been served yet. Somewhere in the corner, hiding from the rest, stands a shy girl who loves Ron more than anything else in this world and she believes he did not do that. Also, a priest is there to take the last confession. Media would not miss this circus. People against death penalty are outside the prison with their banners. Someone has to administrate the deathly infection at midnight.

“I Gotta Get a Message to You” is psychological and social larp that asks “what is justice” and “does one injustice make up for another injustice”

Spillet på

Tallinn International Larp Festival (2017)

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