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A Walk in the Light

System: Mutant: Year Zero Genlab Alpha
Deltagere: 1 GM, 3-5 spillere


You live in paradise. Your home is a vast valley, sur­rounded by mountains so high the peaks are covered with snow all year round. Down in the valley there are wild moors, lush forests filled with game and cold streams. You are never alone – your tribe is never far away. The tribe is your safe haven, your home. But paradise is a prison. Walls and fences buzz­ing with lethal current block all paths out of the val­ley. Every attempt to tear the fences down or climb them is punished harshly by the Watchers. Your jail­ers.

Your and your siblings are descendents of the ancient feral ones, uplifted by man who will one day return. Today is the day of your first trial, to take a journey of proving with an experienced hunter into the wild between the habitats on your Walk of Light.

Spillet på

Continuum (2022)

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