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Road to Trappistenum - Kultura vol 1

Forside til Road to Trappistenum - Kultura vol 1

System: Blackbox Larp
Deltagere: 6-14 spillere

Arrangeret af

The Meta Futurism Lab


✏️Jesper Bruun
✏️Pieter Steyaert


You were born on a spaceship, as were your parents. Two vessels left planet Earth a little over eighty years ago, and the end of your journey is nearing. As you approach your new home, the excitement starts to rise, but so do the challenges. You design for a new culture, hoping to avoid making the mistakes of humanities past.

The Metafuturism Lab and the CHAMELEON project invite you to embark on an epic journey, which spans different solar systems. Rethink yourself and change humanity. Share a glimpse into a possible future, only to reflect on your future’s past. Observe and be observed. Welcome to Trappistenum. We’re almost there!

The larp is a part of a research project on communicating astrophysics to the broader public. The designers will be collecting data in the form of observations from the larp (including pre-larp workshop). Observational data may include: ethnographic-like notes, pictures, video, and audio, which will be collected as unobtrusively as possible.

Spillet på

Blackbox Cph (2023)

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