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The Battle for Control Of The Soul of the Republican Party

Forside til The Battle for Control Of The Soul of the Republican Party

System: LARP


✏️John Corrado Jr.


PDF Scenariet [engelsk] (1,8 MB)


Pat Buchanan and Bob Dole have both called the 1996 Campaign a Battle for the heart and soul of the Republican Party - eerie isnt it? Fear and Loathing on the Campaign Trail in 1996. The political amphibians play out a slimy battle for total control of the soul of the Republican Party. Ardent Fundamentalist Zealots wield plastic fetuses, and Rush paraphernalia. Jack Kemp moderates must choose to go along with the tide, or stand against it.

A political game for people who like politics...and for people who don't! BCS-GOP was featured at Intercon 9.5 and X.

A Disclaimer:

At some point, this game will probably offend you. We'd be willing to bet on it. We don't care. This game is satire, but we're using buckshot for ammo, and we've got more targets than we really want to think about. So whether you're liberal, conservative, somewhere in between, a feminist, a ditto-head, a racist, politically correct, or any number of another little sub- groups, we expect to offend you.

...And we'll like every minute of it.

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