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The Future of Oz

System: LARP


✏️Alexx Kay
✏️Charley Sumner
✏️Mark Waks


The Scarecrow and Patchwork Girl will be tying the knot today, and everyone has showed up. But strange things have been going on. Glinda has been having hushed talks with Ozma and the Wizard. An unplanned rainfall has caused Jack Pumpkinhead's pumpkins to spoil. There are rumors of witches abroad in the land again. But what's to worry about? After all, all that's at stake is The Future of Oz...

The game is set in the L. Frank Baum Oz novels, not the movie. More specifically, it is mainly based on the early novels, which fell out of copyright a decade or so ago. We have attempted to be as faithful to the originals in both story and tone as possible, doing what we can to rectify the inconsistencies in the books. This is a pretty light game, where Good and Evil are very distinct forces, and Good always wins in the end.

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Intercon XIV (1999)

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