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Modern Gods

System: LARP
Deltagere: 30-31 spillere


✏️Kevin O'Connor
✏️Michael Oldziej

Intercon U: Ultraviolet (2023), Crowne Plaza, Warwick, Rhode Island, USA

ArrangørKevin O'Connor
ArrangørMichael Oldziej


Belief has birthed gods, beings of great power who thrive off the energy of worship and faith. Throughout history, mankind has created these great deities to guide them on their path, gifting them with divine mandates. As time goes ever forward, gods rise, and many gods fall, but they still live. In the modern era, gods still walk among us. Many of them have all but fallen into obscurity yet cling to the ounces of belief they once had.

New York City, a city of divine power that has led divine beings of many pantheons to want to control it. Gods have battled each other over the location since the start of America, but soon peace was declared. Since then, the city was divided up among the Families of the Boroughs and others who helped the it along, keeping a shaky peace. Recently, there has been a true peace called that would unite the five families under the new god of New York City itself. The Big Apple. The Big Apple was born from hundreds of years of a New York identity and has sought to remove the barriers of New York City itself. While many applaud The Big Apple, many see this as a violation of divine right. Although, a ceasefire and official truce were sure to come. The Gods of New York have decided to meet at a summit to discuss peace together.

The Game: Modern Gods is a secrets and powers LARP revolving around playing gods mostly left behind by human belief. These gods have organized into families and pulled the strings of New York. Players will take the role of these divine beings from multiple different pantheons, cultures, and belief structures, all trying to coexist in a city of great power. However, old grudges die hard, and gods tend to reach for power. The state of New York is volatile, with the God of New York. The Big Apple is trying to keep things together, as each of the great families, such as the Roman Mafia, Tuatha Mob, Cryptids of Coney Island, Norse Bikers, and many others, come to make a formal agreement of peace.

What is a god: A god is anything that has been given belief, such as gods of old, folk legends (such as John Henry or Dracula), spirits, angels, demons, or new gods that embody concepts of belief, such as "Mr. Binary" of the internet.

Respect above all: You are playing a god, a mythological figure important to a culture and religion, with that in mind you have a responsibility to portray them with respect. Keep in mind another player may worship the god you are playing in real life, so do not portray a caricature of that deity. Be respectful to the culture you are playing.

Inspirations: American Gods by Neil Gaiman Fables by Bill Willingham Good Omens by Neil Gaiman

Spillet på

Intercon U: Ultraviolet (2023)

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