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The Hounds Unleashed

Forside til The Hounds Unleashed

System: Solemn Vale
Deltagere: 1 GM, 4 spillere


ArrangørJoel (aka mr_kultist)


A group of childhood friends, who have drifted apart due to the demands of work, family and study, find in Graham, in good ways and not-so good, the lynchpin of the group. In hopes to rekindle fading friendships, and snap a photograph of the legendary Black Dog of the Bleaklands, this broken circle huddled in a caravan on the misty moorlands on the outskirts of Graham's town of Solemn Vale.

After two days of fruitless trudging through the frozen mud, shivering from the cold, eating cold beans and drinking cheap cider, you were ready to write off the entire trip as a failure. Desperate to salvage the last night, Graham unhooked the car and drove out on a supply run. Hours later, he had not returned, and you all decide to go on foot to search for him, exploring the nighttime roads, in a cold shivering night.

Looking for 3-4 players to playtest Solemn Vale TTRPG. Solemn Vale is a narrative driven storytelling game which explores an abhorrent world of Folk Horror and the supernatural. Seeking a collaborative shared storytelling experience, with an unique system of dice + cards. Aiming for 4-5 hours long one-shot session.

Spillet på

The Illusion Horror Con 2022 (2022)

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