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Pick 'n Nick Sandwich Mania

Forside til Pick 'n Nick Sandwich Mania




Welcome to the t´Triannual Fantastic Pick 'n Nick Sandwich Draft!

Here you will compete with enemies and soon to be enemies to create the freshest, tastiest, and craziest flavor combinations these buns have ever known!


-Your goal is to have the most flavor points (stars) at the end of five rounds

-Grab 2-4 players (including yourself, grab it well!) and sit in a tasteful circle around the Discard Platter

-Every player starts with a Good Ol' Bred to stack their ingredients onto and a Top Secret Bun that is hidden from the others to top their 'wich with at the end.

-Deal every player 7 ingredients, place the rest of the ingredients face up on the discard platter.

-Pick an ingredient, place it face down in front of you, place the rest of your cards to your left. Remember that your basic bread can hold only 1 protein!

-When everyone picked, reveal at the same time, resolve any effects (effects that affect only you activate before effects that affect others too), then place your ingredient on top of your sandwich.

-Pick up the pile of cards from the player to your right and repeat this process 4 times. Discard your last two cards to the Platter, and crown your glorious creation with your Top Secret Bun.

-The player with the most flavor points wins!

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CREATE Jam 2022 - Spring Cottage Edition (2022)


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