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Forside til Hartwood

System: LARP
Deltagere: 40-50 spillere

Arrangeret af

Journeys & Tales


✏️Christian Møller Christensen
✏️Meredith Christensen
✏️Amanda Lindell
✏️Luella Rose


Hartwood is a Nordic-style larp, designed for 40-50 characters.
The scenario is set during the Regency period, at the end of The Season—the
few spring and summer months when many of England’s elite came to London
to see and be seen by their peers. Our game serves as the “finale” for the social
year, in that it is the characters’ last chance to settle their affairs and achieve
their goals before returning to their country estates until next spring.

The Duke and Duchess of Fortingall, two powerful members of the ton, have
invited select people to Hartwood, their lavish country estate, for their annual
ball. The invitation to Hartwood is coveted by many; the Duke and Duchess have
a reputation for inviting the most interesting people to their annual event, no
matter their social status. Because of the unusually varied crowd, the
Fortingalls’ ball is famous for creating the most delicious gossip and scandals.
Reputations and fortunes have been gained and lost within its walls, romances
have blossomed or withered away, and powerful alliances have found their
footing on the ballroom floor.

Over the course of the weekend, invited guests will gossip, flirt, settle old
scores, and do whatever else it takes for them to have their happy endings
before The Season is done.

Afviklinger 🗺️

23. - 25. september 2022🗺️Caswell House, Austin, Texas, USA


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