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Poker Face

System: LARP
Deltagere: 4-7 spillere


✏️Marcin Słowikowski
ArrangørMarcin Słowikowski


It’s almost the end of the high school/studies/project. The group of friends you’ve been hanging out with is at the verge of going their separate ways. This is the last of your regular meetings over a movie/food/booze/games before leaving. The wistful atmosphere prompts deep talks that have been long overdue and which you won’t have the opportunity of having ever again.

Poker Face is a game about feelings, the ones we know and the ones we can’t name, the ones we want to express and the ones we want to suppress. This is no easy topic, especially when the feeling might be unrequited and revealing it might label us in a way we may not want.

Content Warnings: Poker Face is a scenario created for Prism Queer larp anthology and deals with the idea of feelings we can’t name, that might be unrequited and might label us in heteronormative setting. Players decide together on the setting, genre, tone and level of physical interaction that will be comfortable for them before the game starts.

The game uses dedicated intimacy and physical conflict mechanics and safety mechanics the players will agree on beforehand

Spillet på

PoRtaL 9: Athens (2021)
The Smoke (2022)

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