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Cotillions as Fun Dance Mixers

System: LARP Social event


ArrangørOleksandra Mazur (Team Member)


In this hybrid of an improvised vintage dance party and a master class, you will learn and practice several dance mixers—named cotillions—that I learned to love at the balls and parties of the Ukrainian vintage dancing community (most if not all of the are actual historical cotillions used in 19th and early 20th century balls). Cotillions like these might add extra spice to a ball/social dancing event at your larp, whether historical, fantasy, or any other setting.

Participants are expected to dance in couples most of the time of the event, but you can just come to sit and watch and learn about cotillions as dance mixers. Most of the cotillions are waltz ones and would be danced to 19th-century Viennese waltz music, so if you can dance a fast waltz, you are at an advantage (waltz steps won’t be taught in this master class). Still, it is not required and “just holding your partner and rocking in place to the music” is great as long as you have fun!

Shoes you are comfortable dancing in are a must.

Spillet på

Summer Larpin' (2022)

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