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The Glimpse

System: LARP


✏️Karolina Soltys


Styles of Play: Freeform larp, Larp, Chat/Message, Streaming/Online Face to Face

The Glimpse is a two hour long online larp for 6 players and a GM, played over Discord. It is a modern-day family drama with some elements of magical realism.

The players will be divided into two groups of three: copies of the same family in two parallel universes. The life paths of the mirrored characters diverged due to a tragic accident.

The first act of the larp is realistic and the play is limited to the same universe. The second act introduces a surreal element: the computers of the characters undergo an upgrade to a new, quantum version of the operating system, which causes temporary glitches in video calls and gives the characters a brief opportunity to interact with their counterparts from the alternative universe.

Tags: family, identity, choices, connection

Spillet på

Golden Cobra Challenge (2020)


Golden Cobra Challenge (2020)

Vinder, Best Roles
The Glimpse does something remarkable. It makes us consider character and define ourselves through that which we are not but which could have been. It explores parallel universes that are defined through the presence or absence of a single traumatic event. It then smashes both realities together in a way that is truly unique to the digital medium. Having players have to reflect on their character through alternate reality is a truly original way to define character and we couldn't be more impressed.


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