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This Is Fine

System: LARP


✏️Jenny Bacon
✏️Allison Cole
✏️Jess Rowan Marcotte


Styles of Play: Larp

You are at a networking event during a Very Important Business Conference. Out in the real world, the literal apocalypse is happening. Meanwhile, you really, really need that job.

Fortunately for you, a Very Important Business Dude is about to give a Very Important Business Talk, and rumour has it that his company is hiring! Can you successfully network your way to the top and get that interview you so desperately need to survive? Until the world ends at least...

Tags: performed politeness, networking event, business dudes

Spillet på

Golden Cobra Challenge (2019)


Golden Cobra Challenge (2019)

Vinder, Best Apocalyptic Game
"Never acknowledge the apocalypse. That would be impolite." This Is Fine is the kind of game that so very much inspires us that we invent a new category for it. In this case, a lot of y'all were designing with the end of the world in mind, so we came up with the Best Apocalyptic Game award. This game is the one that best expresses that unique feeling of simultaneously having to bow and scrape in the neoliberal corporate dystopian present and having to live with the knowledge that it's all so freakin' pointless because the world is ending. A straightforward, tight design that welcomes new players and lets players play close to home without surrendering them to the crushing terror of it all.


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