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Model United Nations: Balkans Crisis Council, June 1992

System: LARP
Deltagere: 15 spillere

Arrangeret af

Ruffled Feathers LLC


✏️Jacqueline Bryk

Intercon U (2023), Crowne Plaza, Warwick, Rhode Island, USA

ArrangørJacqueline Bryk
ArrangørStephen Tasker
ArrangørBen Walker


**1 June 1992:** Sarajevo is under siege by occupying Serbian forces. The Bosnian president was briefly kidnapped by the Yugoslava People's Army to ensure that Bosnian forces would allow their peaceful retreat. The ethnic cleansing in Prijedor is still ongoing and fresh in everyone's minds.

Two days ago, on **30 May 1992**, the United Nations passed [Security Council Resolution 757](, which prevents any sale of arms or other commodities to Serbia and Montenegro , essentially labeling them as the aggressor in the Balkans conflict. This has only served to further inflame tensions.

Now what?

This LARP is a Model UN event that uses the slightly more freeform Crisis Council rules. Players portray one of fifteen real-world political leaders, diplomats, NGO officers, etc. Henry Kissinger is also there. In the two-hour time crunch, players will negotiate with each other to come up with resolutions to address escalating conflict in the Balkans. There is no physical violence between players, but created resolutions may result in off-screen, narrated violence to hundreds or thousands of people.

This game also involves at least two GMs: one **Council Chair** who moderates discussion and makes sure procedure is observed, and at least one **Crisis Monitor** who plays the outside world. Players will engage with both the Chair and the Monitor at different times.

While a detailed summary of the game and writeups on each of the roles will be provided, players are expected to do at least some of their own research once cast. A suggested mediography will be provided. Additionally, players who are not familiar with Model UN will receive a crash course during the first half-hour of the LARP.

Spillet på

Intercon U (2022)
Intercon U (2023)

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