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Long Live the Revolution!

System: LARP
Deltagere: 10 spillere, Female characters: 5, Male characters: 5, Characters that are not strictly defined as male or female: 0


✏️Stephen Kohler

Intercon U: Ultraviolet (2023), Crowne Plaza, Warwick, Rhode Island, USA

ArrangørStephen Kohler
ArrangørRobert Wensley


In the small European kingdom of Fentoria, the people were oppressed for far too long. The government was corrupt and inept, the countryside was starving, the people demanded change. At first, it was whispers around the table at the local taverns. Then groups started to organize, brave women and men taking up arms and plotting the downfall of the ancient regime. Many were killed, hunted down by the King’s secret police, but more survived. When the right spark was finally struck, the city erupted in revolution most glorious, the heroic rebels rising up against the overwhelmingly powerful monarchists. With their superior tactics, with their more advanced weapons, with pure hearts and noble deeds, they seized the day, overthrew the evil king, and took control of their own destinies once and for all.

That was last night.

This morning, the successful rebels awake to a new world, an uncertain and unknown world. The King is dead, but the people still need leadership of some kind or another; who or what is going to rise up to provide it? What form will that new government take? What ideals will it uphold? What new liberties and freedoms will it enshrine? What will it prioritize, and what will it have to compromise in the name of necessity?

The leaders of the ten major revolutionary groups will meet in the “People’s Palace” (formerly the city’s Opera House) to decide the fate of their country. Ten different groups, with ten different agendas; ten different representatives who all contributed in different ways to the revolution. What bargains will be struck and honored; what betrayals will occur? Winning the revolution, it turns out, was the easy part. Governing will be harder.


_Long Live the Revolution_ is a 6-hour long LARP that will place ten players in the position of revolutionary leaders trying to determine the future of their (fictional) European country in the mid 1800's following a successful revolution. The game will focus on negotiation and deal-making, with characters having their own personal goals, broad projects, and the goals of their individual factions to weigh and consider. It is relatively mechanically dense, with characters written with enough depth to carry them through the game and give the players something to sink their teeth into. The tone of the game is moderately serious, with no supernatural elements.

Inspirations include the larps _Be Not Afraid_ and _Torch of Freedom_, the novel _Night Watch_ by Terry Pratchett, and the musicals _Les Miserables_ and _Hamilton: An American Musical_.

Mask Policy: Players will be required to wear a mask while playing Long Live the Revolution. GMs will also be masked.

Spillet på

Intercon U (2022)
Intercon U: Ultraviolet (2023)

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