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Hand in Unlovable Hand

System: LARP
Deltagere: 4-8 spillere

Arrangeret af

Breathtaking Games


✏️Ron T. Blechner


**Hand In Unlovable Hand** is a darkly comic, quiet, tearful, Nordic-style game meant for 4-8 players in pairs or throuples that explores the topics of divorce, death, and loss.

Your relationship was great, until it wasn't. Now it's awful. How did it go wrong? Also ... the world is literally about to end. Should you still go through with the divorce, or face oblivion after reconciling?

Players, in pairs or throuples, will workshop relationships. Gameplay will be 3 acts, roleplaying courtships, breaking of relationships, and then deciding whether or not to divorce from a terrible marriage even as the world is imminently ending. Roleplay takes place as a series of spotlighted short scenes, where some players may act as impromptu NPCs for other couples/throuples.

Players will have their wrists / hands lightly bound with their partner(s) for about an hour of game. CW: Divorce, grief, end of the world, and issues related to them. The following topics will **NOT** be used: Abusive relationships, changes in weight or body shape, change in sexual orientation or identity, or religious, racial, or similar characteristics. Special warning: It is advised that players who are in or have been in real-life romantic relationships do not play as partners in this game!

Pandemic safety: The GM may require all players to wear well-fitting masks for the duration of the game, depending on current pandemic numbers. This will be communicated at least 2 weeks in advance via email to players.

Spillet på

Intercon U (2022)

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