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A Retreat to Remember

System: LARP
Deltagere: 7 spillere

Arrangeret af

Peaky Midwest


✏️Jaime Frey
✏️Lelah Frey
✏️Philip Kelley


You have arrived at a small, remote island with a group of fellow campers for a weekend of… what? Something strange and inexplicable has happened and your personal memories have vanished!

This is a game of amnesia. You will try to figure out who you are, where you are, your relationships with your fellow amnesiacs, and what’s really going on as bits and pieces of your memories slowly return. The game is set in the modern day and the characters are every-day normal people. Mostly.

All characters are all written as gender-neutral, which may result in same-gender relationships. Other potentially sensitive discussion topics my include death and drug use. 18 and older only, please.

**Important: The second run is scheduled for between 4:30pm and 6:30pm. Please plan accordingly!**

Spillet på

Intercon Q (2017)
Intercon T (2020)

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