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All Stories are True

System: LARP
Deltagere: 22 spillere


✏️David Braslow
✏️Kat Braslow
✏️Kristen McFadyen Patten


_"The University lay at the heart of a small city. Though truthfully, I hesitate to call it a city at all. It was nothing like Tarbean with its twisting alleys and garbage smell. It was more of a town, with wide roads and clean air. Lawns and gardens were spaced between small houses and shops. - Kvothe"_

The University has been misunderstood for as long as it has had students, and that was long enough ago that it's not even possible to find all of the buildings anymore. Good religious folk touch iron and mutter when a student performs even a minor act of sympathy, like lighting a candle from afar. But for the young men and woman who would be arcanists, the University is the one place in the world where they can learn magic.

Tonight is the last night of the term, and what the next semester holds is on every student's mind. Which of their friends will advance, and which will remain behind? Who will the Master Alchemist take on as his favored apprentice? And what happened that caused the school to close down the Artificiery until further notice?

There is to be a school wide party tonight, with masters, students, and even a few local townsfolk. The evening promises diversions from studying, including drinking, music, and storytelling. But there have been strange rumors going around, and who knows what the night really has in store.

"All Stories are True" is a light game based on the 'Name of the Wind' series by Patrick Rothfuss. Some romance, rivalry, friendship, mystery, and possible mentions of the Chandrian are involved. No content warnings are applicable. 15+.

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Intercon Q (2017)

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