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Congress of Vienna

System: LARP
Deltagere: 28-38 spillere, Male characters: 18-20, Female characters: 10-18


✏️Kristen McFadyen Patten
✏️Ben Philip


It is the year of our lord eighteen hundred and fifteen. Godless frenchmen might tell you that it was year 23 of the new calendar, but thankfully they and their abominable Emperor, the terrifying Napoleon Bonaparte, have been defeated after long years of war.

Now the victorious powers of Europe have gathered in Vienna to enjoy the hospitality of the illustrious Emperor Francis I of Austria to determine the new shape of Europe. This is to be a gathering which will truly outshine any that Europe has ever seen. The Tsar and Emperor of all the Russias, Alexander the First, savior of christendom will be there, and the King of Prussia, each all of their assorted courts, as well as representatives of the English Crown, masters of the sea and financiers of the victory. So too will gather many of the lesser powers of Europe, his holiness the Pope, and even the Prince de Talleyrand and the restored government of the Bourbon Kings of France. Secret cults and conspiracies move beneath the surface, ancient magic and modern mysteries tugging at the threads of civilization. Given that this is to be the greatest social event in living memory, anyone who's anyone will also be there, including the renowned composer Beethoven who will give a special performance for the assembled dignitaries.

Of course, in addition to the dazzling gaiety, there is also serious business which needs to be conducted. The final treaty needs to be negotiated and there are many outstanding issues to be worked out if the peace of Europe is to last. The Holy Roman Empire has been abolished and the future of Germany has to be determined. The Kingdom of Poland may be recreated, but should it be? The future of France remains to be decided as well; after its unfortunate attempt to conquer all Europe, its status stands in doubt, and many clamor for reparations.

Now, Napoleon rules over only Elba, but his tumultuous passing has changed Europe irrevocably. Sovereigns and ministers, generals and courtesans, spies and cultists, scientists and artists, all must shape the next century as best they can. Some see this Congress as a symbol of the new Europe, a place where liberal ideas and fresh nationalism will take center stage, while others see it as a chance for rightful governments to reassert their leadership and strength.

What will become of Europe? Will it hold strong to the old ways, step forwards into a new age, or fall once again into war and chaos?

Congress of Vienna is a political game with some weirdness. Characters are mostly based on actual historical people, with a bit more romance and drama in their lives. No knowledge of the time period is necessary. You will have a great deal of influence and ability to shape what the future of Europe (and thus, the world!) will be like. Minimum age 14.

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Intercon P (2016)


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