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For Those In Peril On The Sea

(AKA: For Those In Peril)

System: LARP
Deltagere: 7-9 spillere, Male characters: 2, Female characters: 2, Characters that are not strictly defined as male or female: 3-5


✏️Caitlin Feeley
✏️Albert Lin


_Christmas Eve, 1861. The Sea of Okhotsk._ Ten hours ago, a nine-man crew finally harpooned a whale, their first in months, and gleefully waited out the Nantucket sleigh ride as the dying beast pulled their small boat further and further away from the whaleship Shearwater. But now the Shearwater is lost over the horizon, and the whaleboat is adrift, tethered to the leviathan’s corpse. They have no food, no navigational instruments, little water. It is getting dark and murderously cold. And the icy waters of the North Pacific hold horrors far worse than drowning and starvation. “For Those In Peril on the Sea” is a nautical horror larp inspired by the history of New England whaling and sea shanties, particularly the music of Gordon Bok. The game features sensory and psychological horror as well as many musical scenes; the ability to sing is desirable but not required.

Triggers and Content Warning: "For Those In Peril" is intended to be a sensory and psychological horror narrative. Individuals with claustrophobia, fear of the dark, or sensitivity to scents, flashing lights or certain noises should not play this game. There may be tactile elements to the game (think of having to put your hand in a bowl of peeled grapes at a haunted house.) While this is not a boffer combat game, it will take place in close quarters, so some incidental physical contact is likely. If you are capable of handling a standard haunted house, you should be able to handle this experience.

This is a game that draws heavily from real accounts of whalers and other mariners, life-and-death situations at sea, and a socially contentious historical period. Therefore, other potential themes that may emerge include: discrimination based on religion, race, class, sexual orientation or gender; substance abuse; violence; murder; cannibalism. The game may include vulgar language, sexual references, and emotional intensity including shouting/yelling. 18+

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Intercon O (2015)
Intercon P (2016)
Intercon Q (2017)

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