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Go Run Your Own Little World

System: LARP
Deltagere: 24-31 spillere, Male characters: 8-10, Female characters: 8-11, Characters that are not strictly defined as male or female: 8-10


✏️Dave Chapin
✏️Constantine Haghighi
✏️Albert Lin


"Crime and politics, little girl, the situation is always... fluid." -Badger

Two years ago everyone in the `verse watched the same wave in horror: a lone scientist telling how the Alliance had been responsible for the creation of the Reavers, all in the name of progress. Then came the news that an entire Alliance fleet had been decimated, possibly in combat with these same monsters.

The last two years have not been friendly to the Alliance.

Senate sessions to "restore order" devolved into shouting matches with the occasional brawl. Multiple border planets have declared themselves Independent once again. Military efforts to suppress these planets have had mixed results. Some Alliance commanders have "suddenly appeared" to the other side of the line with whole platoons. Friendly fire they call it.

But none of the core planets have entertained the notion of defecting. Until now. Swimming between the core and border worlds is Beaumonde, the largest manufacturing center in the 'verse. Recently put before that planet's senate was a bill proposing that Beaumonde separate itself from the Alliance: the language in the bill was considerably less civil. Something about "reckless power-mongers intent on placing the whole of the 'verse under their tyrannic domination."

Nevertheless, there have been many on Beaumonde who have declared their support for this course of action...and seemingly just as many who stand opposed. With the vote deadlocked, with only a few remaining who have not weighed in. Everyone's eyes are now turned toward this world. Captains and companions, syndicates and shepherds, the 'right' and the other kind of 'right' have arrived. All looking to shift which way the pendulum will swing.

The game will take place in Beaumonde's local spaceport, the Skyplex, in low orbit. The players will be a mix of everything you'd expect to find in the `verse. Expect romance, politics, backstabbing, theft, brawling, drinking, dancing, hacking, revelations, and some changes.

Feel free to peruse the beta google site for Go Run Your Own Little World here:

Note: For those with potential psychological triggers, there will be sexual content (Hello Companions!), elements of abuse (largely punching), and a character with self-inflicted injuries.

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Intercon M (2013)

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