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System: LARP
Deltagere: 36-41 spillere, Male characters: 21-24, Female characters: 12, Characters that are not strictly defined as male or female: 3-5


✏️Katie Gordon
✏️Constantine Haghighi
✏️Santo Sengupta
✏️Aaron Silverman
✏️Jerry Steinhofer


The Age of Myth has passed, but the gods that rose from the hearts and minds of mortals remain. Some continue to take an interest in mortal affairs from behind the scenes; others busy themselves with intrigue, sport, romance, and other amusements amongst each other.

Tonight the Fourth Age will come to an end, and the course of the next age is still to be written. On this momentous occasion, the gods will rouse themselves and converge on Mount Olympus, eager to make their mark upon the new age, to meet with old friends and new faces, and let their hair down at the biggest divine get-together this century.

Details on the Pantheons can be found on the game's website, at: "Pantheons" is on the left. Play Greek, Egyptian, Norse, Aztec, Japanese or Angelic! Incarna is a LARP loosely inspired by the works of Neil Gaiman, Joseph Campbell, Alan Moore, as well as numerous world mythologies.

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Intercon L (2012)

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