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The Calling

System: LARP
Deltagere: 5-30 spillere

Arrangeret af

Cerberus Entertainment


✏️Jeff Holmes
✏️Ben Jones
✏️Scott Sawyer


### A dream has beckoned adventurers from far and wide to the Isle of Sairal. . .

The dream is always the same. A sound wakes you…a voice beckoning, pulling you from your bed. You shuffle to the door and turn the handle. The door opens slowly and you step through. Instead of your home, you stand on a shoreline. The sun is shining so intensely you are forced to squint. The ocean is as still as glass. Quiet surrounds you and there is no wind. You hear a soft, almost musical voice coming from the wooded hillside. It begs you to come forward. Unable to disobey the call, you begin your ascent. You see her through the trees, the one who beckons you. She stands at the top of the hill. She disappears from view, and you rush forward.

Upon cresting the hill you find her nowhere in sight. The forest starts to close in around you, so you run along a slowly narrowing path. You reach a clearing, but the sun is gone now, replaced with a full moon. In the field ahead, you can make out many strange shapes by the unnatural twilight. The young girl is kneeling in the center of the field holding another whose identity is obscured by pale hooded robes. She looks to you with pleading eyes and whispers, “There is little time, the darkness is spreading”.

The shadowy figures begin to stir. You recognize their true, twisted, evil forms as they cast impossibly long shadows in the moonlight. Looming trolls, hunched, leathery hangs, warty goblins, and wild, wicked men advance on you. As you back away slowly, you hit something solid. You turn to find a tall stone obelisk covered in strange markings. Different colored lights pulse from somewhere inside of it. The evil horde is upon you. The stone gives one last brilliant, blinding flash of light, and you awaken…

The Calling is a Live Action Roleplay set on the Isle of Sairal in the land of Aeristi. It is a fantasy LARP with a Steampunk feel.

We will be running a stand alone "module" set in the world of Aeristi where The Calling takes place. You can find more information in our [rule book]( (no you don't have to read the whole thing, we will have a quick rules run through before game on)

We will be bringing enough weapons for everyone, or you can feel free to bring your own.Players will be allowed to either build their own character or tell us what you enjoy playing and we will build you a custom character.

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Intercon J (2010)

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