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Boorworms Academy of Magic: Governors Election

System: LARP
Deltagere: 10-26 spillere

Arrangeret af

Dragon Lady Media, Inc.


✏️Cheryl Ann Costa
✏️Linda Miller Poore


Step inside J.K. Rowling's fantastic world of Wizards and Muggles to portray the elite of North America's wizard community as they gather, along with school faculty and top students, to socialize and conduct the serious business of electing a new Governing Board for Boorworms Academy, School of Magic. Founded by five women in 1695 as a school for witches, Boorworms is now co-ed and faced with a crisis: Nine Board members have disappeared while involved with the overseas struggle with He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named and his followers. Swirling beneath the surface of the meeting are tensions between the traditional Houses that trace their roots to Hogwarts, and the newer American ones influenced by Native American Shamanism and Voudon. Even more threatening is a growing separatist movement, suspected of using Dark Arts to spread terror and chaos. Don your best dress wizard robes and prepare for an intriguing game of Gossip! Politics! Secrets! Magic! Mischief! And perhaps even Murder!

Spillet på

Intercon F (2006)

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