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Washington Press Conference

System: LARP
Deltagere: 6-20 spillere

Arrangeret af

Dragonladies Media


✏️Cheryl Ann Costa
✏️Linda Miller Poore


## Press Conference Imagine that you are an elite reporter in Washington, DC working for some prominent news organization. Your boss has urgently paged you and assigned you to an exclusive invitation only news event at the U.S. Department of State.

You, along with a small gathering of other elite news industry professionals, will have the opportunity to interview an unanticipated VIP and write a ground breaking story. You are your organization’s star reporter, and your boss expects you to be aggressive in your questioning. The Assistant Secretary of State for Communications will moderate the press conference.

* * * This game focuses exclusively on interactive role-playing and the ability to formulate complex and meaningful questions in a competitive group interview environment: There is no combat system. Players will have a choice of type of news organization (American, foreign, broadcast/cable, news wire service, and internet) and will be expected to frame their questions to reflect the tone of their organization. You will be able to prepare general questions ahead of time based on your paper’s interests, but the emphasis will be on your ability to change your strategy as new facts and information is revealed during the **Press Conference**. Keep in mind the news business is very competitive, and there are rivalries between reporters.

We will supply a selection of news organizations to choose from, and will include basic information about the orientation and general tone of the news organization and its writers. We would be amenable to adding other news organizations, if requested. You may choose your character’s name, and your top three picks for type of news organization. We will assign the specific news agency.

No electronic recording devices will be allowed. Press passes, pens and notepads will be supplied.

Spillet på

Intercon E (2005)

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