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A Night of Elizabethan Intrigue

System: LARP
Deltagere: 24 spillere, Male characters: 15, Female characters: 9


✏️Anna Bradley
✏️Caleb Hanson


Come enjoy an evening of Elizabethan intrigue in 1595 London. The setting is a tavern on the river Thames, and all the usual, and some not so usual, suspects are here. There are aristocrats and alchemists, explorers and exotic visitors from the New World. Tavern maids and lawyers, and then there's this fellow from Stratford who writes plays. They are all here for different reasons, but what are they all up to? And who are the strange people in the dark corner, and could they have something to do with the rumor about a plot against the Queen?

This is your opportunity to spend time with the mystics and the playwrights, the movers and the shakers of the Elizabethan world. A chance to be as high-born as is imaginable, or as low-born as is possible. A chance to look in on the seamy underside of both the high life and the low life.

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Intercon E (2005)

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