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Road to Impunity

System: LARP
Deltagere: 15 spillere, Male characters: 11, Female characters: 4

Arrangeret af

MIT Assassins' Guild


✏️Ken Clary
✏️Peter Litwack
✏️William Lowenthal


It is the fall of 1931. For years, the Cumani family has controlled Springfield, Illinois under the leadership of Leon Cumani. He was sometimes loved, sometime hated, and sometime feared; but he was always respected. Leon survived many enemies, supported many friends, and made many deals both without and within Springfield.

But, as it is in Chicago, it is also a time of change in Springfield. Last week, Leon suffered a stroke and passed away. His loss will be mourned by many, though it is to be expected that not all will lament his death.

Now, the future of Springfield is in question. Leon's oldest son, Tommy, is set to take over the family. But it is unclear whether he will hold the city. The Cumanis are still strong, but it can be expected that not everybody is happy with their position in the hierarchy.

More than that, the government is getting more bold in their crackdown on organized crime. Is Elliot Ness going to plan actions outside of Chicago? Is Springfield's Chief of Police going to get exposed as corrupt and expunged from service? There is much to be done to ensure that honest men can even continue to get a drink now and then.

Leon Cumani's final wish was to be buried in the town of his birth, now a virtual ghost town. It is sparsely populated and quiet. Most people here are going to keep well clear of big town mobsters. It is a perfect place for the elite to meet out of the sights of unwanted visitors.

Some people here want a new piece of the pie. Some just want to keep what they already have. All are hoping for the ability to act with Impunity.

Road to Impunity is a depression era mobster game set in the ficticious ghost town of Impunity Illinois. It is historical fiction with some liberties taken with the details. The game is not quite film noir, but it is definately not cheery either. It is rules light and most conflict will be solved through politics and negotiation (perhaps with the occasion spurt of violence if the negotiations fail).

Spillet på

Intercon D (2004)
Intercon E (2005)

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