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Blood and Iron: To Claim A Sacrifice

System: Victoriana modified 1st Edition
Deltagere: 1 GM, 6 spillere


✏️Dudley Martin


The troubleshooters of the Lord High Chancellor of the Exchequer have been spread across the world putting out fires and dealing with circumstances of an unpleasant variety. Some still work to aid the government, while others seek to oppose it. But certain situations cross over these differences of option and bring together those who are available. Intelligence has come to the attention of some of these troubleshooters. The remnants of the Prussian Thaumaturgical Academy have resurfaced in North America, in the no mans land between to Union and Confederate forces still fighting a stalemated civil war. The concerning issues with these Thaumaturges showing up is their connection to the fallen Lord, the fallen angel Apollyon. Sources in the Royal Thaumaturgical Academy believe that they seek to use their dark arts to utilize the opportunity of an immense amount of death to resurrect Apollyon. The call has gone out to whoever is available at short notice to join the expedition to stop this from happening. Do you heed the call?

Spillet på

Gaelcon 33: ‘Through the Matrix’ (2021)

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