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My mad, mad carousel

System: LARP


✏️Anna-Maija Amanda Laine
✏️Nora Kristiina Niva
✏️Hanna Maria Viitanen


10 personalities, 5 patients, 2 realities, 1 psychosis.

Welcome to Happy Stay Asylum.

This carousel plays our song. Mine. And the other me's. For a brief moment I ride a fiberglass horse of consciousness under these bright carnival lights untill I disappear to the other side of insanity. I am gone now. And it's his turn, the other me's. He rides forth, takes my body and my words and my spotlight, continues my life without me. And so we share a mutual cycle, me and me, while the carousel of madness spins and spins.

"My mad, mad Carousel" is a weird look into multiple personality disorder. It starts with five patients who have just entered their new peer group at the Happy Stay Asylum. Well, five patients, but actually ten personalities, each one spinning from consciousness to psychosis and back again. The game is played in two rooms at the same time and every now and then the personalities of a patient are swapped between the rooms - oh, but not before a little chat with a good old subconscious of a tormented mind.

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Grenselandet (2012)

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