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Fade to Grey

System: LARP


✏️Ane Marie Anderson
✏️Martin Eckhoff Andresen
✏️Lasse Lundin
✏️Caroline Myhrvold


"The summer party where passion was lost"

Welcome to the pretentious garden party of the cultural elite in Norway. The place where everyone of importance are, and those who hope to be yearns to be invited. A place for wine and canapees, distinguished conversation on the policies of the new minister for culture or the coming merge of two major publishing houses. But also a gathering of characters and their relations, their conflict and their passions. A garden party where emotion lurks right under the surface, and where few of the guests will be able to contain it.

As the party progresses the guests slowly turn less emotional, less caring, less passionate. They turn into feelingless, superficial beings who no longer emotionally attach to their relations or their conflicts. They are, however, perfectly able to keep up the facade towards other people, for example through talking about interior design.

Fade to Grey is a larp inspired by the movie Den Brysomme Mannen, where the main character suddenly finds himself in a world where everything is perfect. The larp is an experiment in reversing the traditional drama curve of larps. It centers on exploring what happens to the relations and conflicts between characters who are at first caring, emotional people, but eventually turns into superficial individuals unable to emotionally attach to what's happening. The larp is not about finding the reason why everyone turns grey - there isn't one. The loss of passion and turning into grey people is inevitable to all the characters at the larp.

This larp is a redesigned version of the larp that was run in Laivfabrikken Oslo in July 2011, and will be published as a manuscript after the Grenselandet run. You're input and comments will be appreciated.

Spillet på

Grenselandet (2012)

Afviklinger derudover

11. juni 2011Laivfabrikken, Oslo, Norge

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