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Alexa Kirchner


✏️ Beastfucker Golden Cobra Challenge (2017)
✏️ Soldier, Spy, Psilocybin Golden Cobra Challenge (2018)
✏️ The Court of Ferns Golden Cobra Challenge (2019)
✏️ Taller Than Space Is Wide Golden Cobra Challenge (2020)


Golden Cobra Challenge (2019)

The Court of Ferns: Vinder, Best Game for Players Dropping In and Out
Alexa Kirchner’s The Court of Ferns is a hilarious bureaucratic nightmare. It plays with frustration in a truly absurdist way and, as is fitting with the bureaucratic theme, uses signage as an in-game means to introduce additional players into the mix. We felt that this game was wonderfully silly and approachable for players who might be wandering by wondering what on earth they are witnessing.

Golden Cobra Challenge (2020)

Taller Than Space Is Wide: Nomineret, Kieron Gillen's Choice Honorable Mention
From Kieron: "One of my favourite novellas of last year was This Is How You Lose the Time War by Amal el-Mohtar and Max Gladstone, and this is the google-doc powered epistolary sister-game. Players travel through time. One player writes an ode to that time. The other writes a little response. The googledoc generates whole new timelines prompts. Time is written over when cells are written over. The sort of collision between poetry and math which I can only imagine Ada Lovelace applauding saying 'Yes! Yes! More of this kind of thing!'"

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