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CREATE Jam - Fall 2018 (2018)

CREATE Jam - Fall 2018

Sted: CREATE Aalborg University, Danmark
Dato: 16. - 18. november 2018

Del af: CREATE Jam

Om kongressen:

Hi everyone!!
We are back with the fall edition, this time a spooooky one! Themed clothing is encouraged, but not mandatory at all ❤

This year for the first time Create Jam will also accomodate BOARDGAME creators! We will try to provide relevant materials such as blank cards, dice, paper, various (hexagon, squared) board pieces and so on, but please bring your own office supplies just in case, so that we have enough ❤
Looking forward to seeing you there!

Location: Room 4.521; top level (button 5 in the elevator), straight to the right from the elevator

If you're not a student that has access to the Create building, please write your CARD number (AAU student card) in our sign up sheet :)
If you would like to sleep over at Create one or both days, then also please fill the sheet below :)

For the ones who haven't heard of CREATE JAM:

The Create Jam is an event held for the Aalborg University students taking place twice a year in spring and fall. Its main purpose is to create games in 48 hours and help students get to know each other and make great memories. It is a lot of fun and we have snacks!!!

Vi har ikke haft noget program for denne kongres, så oversigten over spil er blot baseret på eksterne referencer, hukommelse, tidlige rygter, etc., og er derfor måske ikke komplet.
Har du en ændring, eller ligger du inde med et program, så send os en rettelse.


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