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Dark Matter

System: Systemløst
Genre: Efterforskning, Fantasy, Gyser, Thriller
Teilnehmer: 1 Spielleiter, 3-6 Spieler


✏️Troels Frostholm Søe-Larsen


Yaaaiiii this is awesome, we are on a killing streak. Let’s try something different this time. Let’s try The New World, my brother told me that it’s the best game they have ever made.

The band of Brothers, as the called the group, was playing their favorite games on the new high-tech gaming simulations with full body reactive wear. The system had millions of feedback sensors all over the suites and Dreamwear’s new interlink to the brainstem software. Total this gave the illusion of stepping into the game, somebody explained the experience to be more real than life itself.

They looked at the intro text: The New World is a game set in the year 2000 but a year where the technology crumpled by the discovery of real magic in the 1980s. Will you fight for the light technology or the dark-magic? Are you born with divine blood of the god of magic or did technology supersede your mothers’ implants? Is it even right to talk about light and darkness in this struggle between technology and wizardry?
Why don’t they have a intro video to sell this game, and just this boring text. I don’t know but my brother says it’s the best. He wouldn’t even tell me why.

Let’s boot up…

I closed my eyes and waited for the countdown instead a sharp pain hit my temples and I open my eyes and looked at my friends, we stood in our normal clothes, but the game cubes were no were to be seen. It was dark and freezing, I looked to the sky as a plane hovered over our heads. A robotic voice told us to lay flat on the ground and spread our arms and legs. Then the hover ship exploded, and the shock wave sends us to the ground and the flames licked around a force hemisphere surrounding us. I saw a man I deep red robes standing on the floor of the nearby building looking at me. And now you run he said with a clear voice and warped out of existence.

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ESFROAG (2019)

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