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The Relics of Ito-Jo Castle

System: D&D
Teilnehmer: 1 Spielleiter, 4-6 Spieler


OrgaWayne Cribbs


You are all attending the Festival of the Dancing Moons at the Fivemoon Temple in the mountainous Maeshi province. Most people are having a good time, but the tensions between the Michimori and the Korimori families are very high. These two families have had a blood feud for the past several years. The Moon Council of Fivemoon Temple has decided to put an end to the feud by proposing a challenge: whichever family recovers the lost relics at Ito-Jo Castle will gain the favor of the Fivemoon Temple.

Both the Michimori Family and the Korimori Family approach you and try to recruit you. They want you to travel to Ito-Jo Castle and restore honor to the family. There are rumors that Ito-Jo Castle is haunted. Strange things happen around that place.

Which family will you choose? Is the castle really haunted? Can you recover the relics before the rival family does? This is not going to be easy….

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