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Clashing Stars

System: The Strange
Teilnehmer: 10 Spieler


✏️Henrik Lerdahl


The Agency is a secret group that exists to monitor and regulate travel between earth and the alternate realities known as "Recursions", most of which are originally born from fictions and stories leaking into the cosmos.
The players are a team of field operatives working for The Agency, who have the ability to travel between realities, a process which "translates" them so they fit into the new setting. This makes their powers and their character sheet change according to what dimension they are in, as they go from world to world, and genre to genre.
But when the worlds of human fiction come alive, there's an awful lot of villains and monsters that suddenly exist as well, and they might develop their own ambitions and plans as well...
Whether riding with the Lone Ranger or fleeing from the orc-hordes of Sauron, whether playing Quidditch or commanding the starship Enterprise, whether reading the Necronomicon or battling with Hercules and Achilles, "The Strange" is the game that has it all. Sometimes, all in the same game session.
This scenario is about 5 agents who get involved when the Star-worlds of "Trek" and "Wars" somehow encounter each other, and immediately enter a violent conflict that threatens not just these two realms, but ALL the other dimensions, and the Earth as well.
("The Strange" uses the Cypher System, which are more or less the same mechanics as in the game "Numenera")

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