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The Walls of Luvenstein

System: Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay (2nd edition)
Teilnehmer: 1 Spielleiter, 6 Spieler


✏️Nils-Peter Wihlney
OrgaNils-Peter Wihlney


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A small trade town called Luvenstein rests between the borders between the County of Sylvania and the League of Ostermark along the long shores of the River Stir within the Great Forest. Resting upon a large hill once called Luven's Hill, rumoured to having been the site of a great battle between Sigmar himself an an unknown foe that went by the name of Luven. Its not a rich town, rather poor in fact, but acts as an important trade line for the minor towns and villages within the great forest and along the River Stir. And thus with the steady risk of enemies of the Empire attacking the important trade station has a notice been sent out by the Elector Counts of Ostermark and Stirland for a large stone wall to be constructed around the town along with a battalion of soldiers to defend and man the wall. You are a worker, sent here to construct this mighty wall of granite with other fellow workers, seeing opportunity for a great reward as workers of such important structures are often well paid when the Elector Counts pay for it from their own coffers. Mayhap this turn of event will turn this poor town into a prospering city if the wall proves its worth. But all is not what it appears to be as you and the other workers will soon find out.

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GothCon XXXVII (2013)

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