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A Dance Through Irish History

System: Blackbox Larp
Teilnehmer: 1 Spielleiter, 4-20 Spieler


✏️Matthias Kaalund Keller
✏️Gustav Wengel


The fairies live in a dimension, closely connected to ours by human emotion. Every single feeling, that is felt by men, will echo in the inner lives of the little people. Through the fairy dance we will experience the last 200 years of Irish history.

Through dance, non-verbal interaction and Irish folk music, we'll explore the emotions connected to the woeful, passionate and dramatic events that characterized life in Ireland in the 19th and 20th century. And we'll see it all through the eyes and bodies of the fairies. The Irish feared and respected the little people, because they knew how great influence they had on the human world.

But little did they knew, that the human world had an even greater influence on the fairy dimension. And that every dance of joy, scream of hunger, poem of romance and furious battle cry would create floods of emotions in the other world.

In the workshop characters will be formed from analyses of Irish folk music, and the players will create a common language of dance and non-verbal interaction. A language they'll use in a epic tale of devastating famine, patriotic rebellion, blind hate, endless love and first of all; the hope for a better tomorrow.

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