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A bad day in space

Vorderseite für A bad day in space

Teilnehmer: 2 Spieler


DesignerJohannes Følsgaard
DesignerLars Wagner Hansen
DesignerJakob Israelsen
DesignerKasper Lapp
DesignerMarina May Schwifty


On the way back to earth the ship is attacked by aliens, and control is lost. The captain and the engineer are the only two surviving crewmembers.

The engineer have to crawl into the engine room to make the ship move towards earth without being able to see where the ship is in space, while at the same time relaying to the captain where the aliens are attacking.

The captain have to control the remote defence system to keep the aliens at bay without being able to see the aliens, while at the same time relaying to the engineer where he wants the ship to move.

Will they be able to reach earth without being overrun by the aliens, getting lost in space or simply crashing the ship?

"A bad day in space" is a cooperative asymmetrical game for 2 players, each controlling one part of the ship, but only seeing the part that the other player controls.

Playing time: 10 minutes.

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PapJam Scratch (2018)

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