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Losses on All Sides


✏️Asbjørn Olsen


is a game about being a civilian living in a war zone. About the constant struggle for survival in a place where the normal rules for society doesn’t apply anymore. Where there is never enough ressource and where you can not trust anyone, not even yourself. But it is also about trying to find your humanity in a sitaution that does not allow it, sticking together as a group and finding a glimmer of hope together.

The game will focus on character development through hard choices and thier impact on the individual as well as the group. The game will be facilitated through direct instructions, framed player choices and most of the play time will be in character. As a part of the gameplay we will be creating a besieged city that will slowly crumble as the game progresses. Physical aspects will be present but in the background, and not a central mechanic.

Losses on all sides is inspirede by a bunch of great games, such as This War of Mine, Things We Left Behind, Villa Bel-Air and Papers, Please.

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Black Box Horsens (2015)

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