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(Alias: Beginning)

System: LARP
Teilnehmer: 10-15 Spieler


✏️Nina Runa Essendrop

Intercon U: Ultraviolet (2023), Crowne Plaza, Warwick, Rhode Island, Vereinigte Staaten

OrgaQuinn D
OrgaKristen McFadyen Patten
OrgaEsa Sclafani


Begyndelse starter ved tidernes morgen hvor en flok blinde væsner langsomt kommer til live. Scenariet handler om de blinde væsner og deres møde med sig selv, hinanden og den omskiftelige verden de befinder sig i.

Under hele scenariet vil spillerne have bind for øjnene, men de vil under tiden blive hjulpet på vej af behandskede hænder, der i spillets univers er højere magters forsigtige indgriben.

Genre: Begyndelse er et abstrakt scenarie, der fokuserer på det kropslige og det sanselige.
Spilelementer: Spillere skal have bind for øjnene under hele scenariet.

Beginning starts at the dawn of time, where a group of blind beings slowly comes to life. The scenario is about the beings and their meeting with themselves, each other and the ever-changing world they live in. Through an extensive pre-larp workshops, the players get familiar with moving and playing when not seeing, and are taken into a magical world of sound, smells and feelings, but with no sight. Gradually, the beings learn to move in different ways and explore the world and the other creatures that live there. Beginning is an abstract scenario, focusing on the bodily and the senses.

Content Warnings: Players will be blindfolded for the duration of the larp (and parts of the workshop). Play includes communication and exploration through touch.

Presented by
Nina Runa Essendrop (DK): Nina Runa Essendrop is a Danish artist and larp designer with a masters degree in Theater, Dance and Performance Studies. She has a strong focus on movement, sensory experiences and the meaning of physical action.

Nina is an active player in the Nordic Larp community. She has designed and produced blackbox larps, freeform games, large scale-larps, audience inclusive larps and larp festivals and she has collaborated with artists in both Europe and New York.

The creatures awaken and discover themselves. They have a living, breathing body. They slowly start to move around and explore. They can feel the floor, themselves and the world around them, however foreign. They can hear, themselves breathing, the sounds of the space, the vocalizations of other creatures present. They can make sounds, but only a limited set of vocalizations that comes instinctively. They may be able to smell things at times. But sight is something they could never conceive of.

They are awakened by the Guardians who guide their development and protect them. They are comforted by them and trust them to guide, but they must learn and explore for themselves.


*Beginning* explores the experience of coming into a world and exploring it for the first time. The beginning of a creature's existence, where the world and others are unknown. This exploration will be primarily through touch and hearing as the participants play the creatures. Participants will wear blindfolds for the majority of the event.

The larp will begin with workshops to prepare for play, which includes safety rules and tools and preparation for playing the creature. This should be about 60-90 minutes.

After a break and with the help of the guardians, participants will come into existence as a creature and explore the world. Increasingly over time the creatures will be able to explore more, find new things and other creatures. GMs fill the role of guardians, watching for everyone's safety and guiding the larp. This roleplay will be paced in stages and last for about 90 minutes.

After play there will be a debrief.

--- **Safety**

For this larp to run safely, all participants will be required to follow all rules and exercise the heightened care prescribed by them. Failure to follow these rules or otherwise creating an unsafe environment will likely result in a participant being asked to leave the larp, and possibly being reported to staff. These rules are a vital part of establishing an environment that allows a larp of this type to run.

Key points summarized:

All movements of participants while blindfolded must be slow and gentle, testing before moving or touching something (unless otherwise led by a GM).

Any use of the stop/no vocalization must be immediately recognized and obeyed, usually by backing off.

The GMs will play the role of guardians, monitoring the space and participants at all times for safety, rules and appropriate behavior. This is to ensure nothing dangerous is happening and no one is creating an unsafe environment or making others uncomfortable.

**Covid Safety**

This larp will require all participants to wear masks(regardless of convention policy) and as touch is likely involved, the start will involve everyone thoroughly washing hands and uncovered arms.


Touch plays an important part of this larp. Participants will be playing creatures who explore their environment largely by touch and without sight. Correspondingly, participants should come into the larp expecting that they will be touched at times. This includes guiding touch by GMs in a participant chosen manner. **In all instances participants will have the autonomy to communicate stop, which others must immediately respect and back off.** This applies equally to all participants and GMs. The GMs, who will not be blindfolded, will be monitoring for issues throughout.


The intention of this larp is as an experience coming into and exploring a fictional world as non-sighted creatures. This is done through touch and, to a lesser extent, hearing. This includes unfamiliar objects in the fictional world as well as forming connections with other similar creatures.

This larp does **not** model or comment on the experiences of blind people in our world. Those wishing to learn or empathize with the experiences of blind people in the real world should listen to or read works by blind people.

This run is modified from the original to better suit this community.

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Sonstige Abwicklungen

3. September 2021, Relational Spaces: The Heart, Copenhagen, Dänemark


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