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I Know You Are But What Am I?


✏️Adam James


Charlie, Alex and Robin are three young typical siblings. They live in a dingy, damp flat in run down part of town.
But it wasn’t always this way…
A careerist mother
A struggling Dad
A bitter divorce
Custody fell to Dad
Payments weren’t maintained
Bailiffs visited
State benefits took over
Money was tight
Cupboards were bare
Dad turned to drink
Things fall apart
A new home
A new school
Menacing gangs
A long walk
But through it all, we stick together…

‘I know you are but what am I?’ is a black box game in which three players each share one character, two parts physical and one part verbal. This is a larp that attempts to understand ‘outsiderness’ by exploring difficulties faced by a struggling family short on money, love and room for the family dog.

The play style is a mix of Conflict – Abstract – Physical. In this game, relationships are played out verbally and physically with each part informing the other. This game focuses on physical interpretations of a continual unfolding fragmentary narrative told by three blindfolded players.

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