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Passion Fruit

Teilnehmer: Kein Spielleiter, 2-3 Spieler


✏️Nathan Hook


There is nothing wrong with Apples. Apples taste nice. Apples are juicy. Apples are good for you. However if you could eat only apples every day, wouldn’t you want to taste a banana? If you were not allowed to taste any other fruit but apples, wouldn’t that make you want that banana even more?

A short intense game in the jeepform style, Passionfruit tells the tale of a relationship between a protagonist and his partner, and what happens when the protagonist meets someone else. It is aimed at secure players seeking a high level of emotional intensity.

Players can use example characters given, or create their own following certain guidlines. No assumptions about the gender or sexual orientation of the characters are assumed in advance. Techniques are included to help build emotional attachment to each other. Play consists of a series of scenes as the trials and tribulations of a relationship are played out. A variant for playing out of chronological order is included.

The game defaults to being set in the modern day real world, but nothing prevents the players using a historical or fictional setting they are familiar with.

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