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Parlor Larp

Teilnehmer: 4-8 Spieler


Vi har i år den fornøjelse at kunne præsentere et såkaldt "Parlor Larp". Og hvad er så et "Parlor Larp"? Jeg vil lade firmaet bag forklare:

"The goal of Parlor Larps is to provide highly plot and character driven, low overhead, easy-to-play live action roleplaying modules for small groups of people. They are independent modules for 4-8 players and one Director that can be played in a normal sized living room, and require very little preparation. They generally take about four to four and half hours to play (three hours for the actual game and half an hour on either end for introduction and discussion). The stories are dense in plot and characterization. Because the number of players is so small, each player character is carefully written into the story and very involved. Characters are half-prewritten: each character has aspects of background, abilities, and objectives that are already specified, but as much as possible about the character (in terms of motivations, ideals, interpretations, internal conflicts, etc) is left up to the player to decide."

Parlor Larps er et amerikansk fænomen - færdigtrykte "smålives" efter en fælles skabelon, med færdigtrykte karakterer, lavet efter otte arketyper, og med et regelsystem, der kan håndtere konflikter af både social, fysisk og (evt.) overnaturlig art.

Dette vil blive en playtest af et eller flere Parlor Larps, med en efterfølgende diskussion af denne form for rollespil.

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