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Tamer Larp

System: LARP
Teilnehmer: 20 Spieler


OrgaOliver Nøglebæk
OrgaMorten Kjærgaard Tellefsen
OrgaMartin Tellerson


Gethar is a vast country and even though it does not hold a great army to protect it, few would ever consider invading it. The Dragontamers that roam the lands are considered great heroes and even though they fight monsters and not soldiers, their mere presence has kept invaders away.

But a time came where numerous Tamers traveled far to the south to look into rumors of a great red dragon, a rare challenge that only few tamers have ever encountered, despite the fact that the call themselves dragontamers.

In their absence the Emperor of Nathar decided to send one of his armies towards Gethar to test the strength of the defences. Like a steel gauntlet hammering through an anthill the Natharian soldiers easily struck their way into Gethar, leaving scorched villages in their wake.

And so the Tamers, living scattered out over a large area without any structure could not all gather in one place on short notice to decide how to counteract. But in a small village called Pinewood, the first of many smaller meetings happened, and so this, the first meeting would greatly affect the future of Gethar.

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