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Trials & Knightspurs

System: Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay 2
Genre: Fantasy


✏️Karsten Rasmussen


“When the clarion call is sounded,
I will ride out and fight in the name of liege and Lady.
Whilst I draw breath the lands bequathed
unto me will remain untainted by evil.
Honour is all. Chivalry is all.. .”

- Falcon Roele, Knight of the Realm and member of the Inner Circle, Cabanal

This adventure is designed for characters well into their second career, and is set in the year 2.512 by the Imperial Calendar. The Squires of Cabanal gather in the main square for the trials for knighthood are at hand. All the hopeful Squires have prepared themselves for this very day, training their martial prowess and knightly virtues with the Knight that they have served with loyalty and valor.

The adventure begins in Cabanal, the largest castle and city in all of the Border Princess, and part of the Bretonni Protectorate. The Duke, Malfleur de Bois du Blazac, has let the clarions be sounded. Divided into teams consisting of four squires and an outsider the Squires now stand ready for the trials to come.

All of the participants in each team come from the various social classes of “the White City”, and have over the course of the last many years upheld the ancient code of chivalry. Now, they have to overcome their differences and prove their worth as a combined unit, and prove their values in trials of combat, honesty, honour, knowledge, morals, valour and wits, to become the next legendary Knights Company of Cabanal. Together the team must compete against the other teams of Squires to win the right to go on a quest that could lead to the team earning their spurs and joining the ranks of the Knights Errant.

On the quest the team must either travel north and face the legendary Monster of the Black Tarn, or venture into the depths of the Elven forest of Athel Deîlîn-Cân and prevent the corruption caused by the Man with the Cart, or brave the Goblin- and Skaven-infested ruins of Alynda and bring back the legendary Grimoire of the Fallen Knight of the Inner Circle, Beilal Grinné. But beware, not all is as it seems amongst the quests lies possibilities for corruption and failure. From a dangerous feud to the horrors of necromancy, the adventurers will gain a taste of all the Warhammer World has to offer.

Trials and Knightspurs is a short adventure intended to introduce players to the part of the Warhammer World known as the Border Princess, especially Cabanal and the area surrounding the Tana Dante River, known as the former Khyperian Empire, an area reeling from the ravages of Chaos and Greenskins.

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ARL MiniCon (2005)

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