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Chaos Fortress

System: Drakar och Demoner (meget løst baseret)
Genre: Fantasy


The Master of Arms :
I fear not death. Any foe of this realm I will defeat. Yet today I feel fear. For beyond the roaring depth of the gate I face that which is not of this realm.

The Reverend of the Spire :
I have healed a thousand men and soothed a thousand souls. I wield the word of god and receive his warm embrace. As I behold the burning glow within the depth of the gate, my skin begins to crawl, I fell my throat grow thin. I trust my life to god and shout a prayer within. I leave his realm in fear to where he doesn't exist.

The Beast Master :
I have flown on the back of a dragon and tamed the spirit of a Kimære. As I stand on the threshold of the gate and inhale the suffocating air I realise that whatever await me on the other side will take all my courage to face. On the other side humans will be an endangered species.

The Lore Master :
I have gained the insight of a thousand books. From the ingenuity of the Heartland Elves to the Fiendish designs of the Firestep Orcs. All gained through the meticulous absorption of hard-won knowledge. As I stare into the whirling chaos of the gate I dread the knowledge that what I have used decades to learn might mean nothing on the other side. I must relearn what took me a lifetime in less than a day.

The Master Practitioner :
I have learned my art from a legend and he stands with me now at my side. The gate flares with the furnace of a sun and I know that each breath my master takes is stolen to fuel its existence. His withered face looks blindly at me and I shiver at the sight. He will not stand with me on the other side. I am alone.

The Master Alchemist :
I have fuelled the pyres of war and driven the rage of men. I shape my ideas in my mind and mould my art with time. Today I stand in shame and stare at the fiery gate. My ideas have all but failed and we all stand here to pay. When I cross between the realms I fear that art is lost. We all have turned to thieves to steal what is not ours.

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Viking-Con 23 (2004)

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