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Dingman's Hallow

System: Werewolf: The Apocalypse
Genre: Efterforskning, Gyser


✏️M. A. B.


Townspeople from the subburbs usually fits one particular description. Their old by age, borring, slow to catch up and extremly konservative. So were the people of Dingmans Hallow, but they were more. They were almost a cliche on themselves. Life in Dingmans Hallow was so predicteble, that you could nearly pinpoint the exact minute people would do somthing. Postdelivery at Mrs. Olsmans house: 8:56 am, Mr. Calvin kissing his wife good by and going to work: 9:00 am, and the icecream truck that always seemed to be there witout selling anything, just driving around the streets, making it's familiar bellsound, following a serdant patern around the streets of the town all day long. This was how Dingmans Hallow were and you'd have to visit the place in order to understand the weird atmosphere of this little sleepy town.
The Garous almost never visited "the Dingy" as they called it. They were just happy about the fact, that industry hadn't moved in yet and probobly wouldn't for the next 100 years. This enabled them to focus on the survival of the Sebt and most importantly, the Caern. And even though they never had trouble with the Dingy, and the townsfolk never came around their sacret grounds, there was always somthing about Dingmans Hallow that gnawed in the back of their heads.

Hier gespielt worden

RusCon 12 - Tema (2003)

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