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Vorderseite für Reunion

System: LARP

Veranstaltet von

Larps on Location


✏️Mo Holkar
✏️Ruth Trenery-Leach
✏️Laura Wood


Dirty Laundry were the hardest-living of rock bands, whose wild shenanigans were more than a match for their incandescent performances. Indigo Crush were the slickest of manufactured pop outfits, with a charming kids-next-door image to complement their chirpy and catchy tunes. Both had their peak of success 25 years ago – before it all went wrong.

​Now, they’ve been gathered together by their record company, Zenith, at a quiet country house. The plan is for a reunion tour with both bands together, to tap into two very different but equally nostalgic fanbases. But for that to happen, there are going to need to be some conversations – some airing of old grievances, some opening-up of wounds, some skeletons coming out of cupboards. Who did what to whom, and why? Where did the money go? Can we even still talk to each other? Was it ever really about the music?

This larp is designed to portray authentic middle-aged characters in the present day, designed in collaboration with the participants. The themes of this larp include aging, regrets, changes, memory, joy, and freedom. Reunion also explores self-discovery, self-acceptance, and how one's past can shape one's future: and the possible tension between public image and private reality.

The first run of Reunion is intended for participants who are middle-aged or older. We don’t have a hard cut-off age for that – if you consider yourself to be middle-aged, then you are old enough. If you consider yourself to be not yet middle-aged, then this first run is not intended for you. The situation is that the youngest characters in the larp will be in their mid-40s, and we wouldn’t expect them to be played by people much younger than that.

The characters in Reunion are of a range of ages, which aren’t individually defined in the design. We will set each character’s age in accordance with the wishes of the person who is playing that role, and tweak the backstory timeline to match. We expect that most of you will want to play a character of similar age to yourself. But you don’t have to: you can play older or younger if you wish.

A unique element of this larp is that all the characters are brought into a situation which forces them to reflect on their younger selves- through the lens of and with the life experience of a 40 or 50 something. We would like to initially offer this experience to middle aged and older larpers, not only to create authentic middle aged characters but to offer this group of players the opportunity to explore themes which may have a particular resonance with this cohort, such as aging, change, memory, self-discovery and self-acceptance, whilst, also being able to play younger versions of their characters in flashback scenes. It will also give this group of players a potentially unique opportunity to play a character of a similar age to themselves, within a peer group of middle aged players, all doing the same - without necessarily playing the sort of relationships which might often be attached to middle aged roles e.g. a character whose main plotline is focused on the drama of their children. Each character will very much be the protagonist of their own story.​

Abwicklungen 🗺️

17. - 20. März 2023🗺️Lattice Lodge, Ipswich, Vereinigtes Königreich
8. - 11. Dezember 2023🗺️Lattice Lodge, Ipswich, Vereinigtes Königreich: English run, middle-aged and older participants
12. - 15. Januar 2024🗺️Lattice Lodge, Ipswich, Vereinigtes Königreich: English run, all ages (18+)


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