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Transhuman Space: Islandia Nights

Teilnehmer: 16-20 Spieler


✏️Peter Miller
✏️Georgina Okerson
OrgaPeter Miller


What does it mean to be human?

Can a computer program be a person?

Is a perfect copy of you still you?

The year is 2100, and humanity has begun to explore the solar system. And with the uploading of minds into computers, the creation of sapient AI, genetic engineering and uplifting of animals, nanoviruses capable of changing everything from eye colour to IQ, we've begun to explore another frontier: Ourselves.

Between the earth and the moon lie the lagrange points of neutral gravity. The perfect place for building space stations, these points have become a promised land to space pioneers, fringe groups and the wealthy looking to build their dream communities off-earth.

The greatest of these communities is Islandia, a trade port and industrial park in space, a pair of rotating cylinders five miles long, filled with towns, parks, orchards, farmland and estates.

On one of these estates a party is being held, and you're invited. Just a casual social gathering - there are no urgent issues to discuss and no ongoing crises. But in a world where some people can change bodies as easily as they change clothes, there will never be any shortage of surprises.

A hard science fiction game in which AI courtesans entertain guests aboard luxury tropical space habitats, digital angels watch over the sinful, diabolical scientists design bioroid slaves for the Jupiter mafia and interplanetary cruise missiles fall in love.

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